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Oilfield maintenance

Helix Oilfield is a leading provider of technical staffing for various oilfield locations and projects. Our expertise in oilfield maintenance is used for pipeline services, facility maintenance, refinery maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds.

There are several other services that we provide as part of our oilfield maintenance services. These services are designed to support production processes in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The oil and gas industry requires a range of services to operate efficiently, and our services are essential to maintain a proper working job site. These services help ensure that oil and gas operations run smoothly, efficiently, and safely, ultimately leading to greater production.

Other Oilfield Maintenance Services Provided:

  • Shutdowns
    • Shutdowns are temporary suspensions of oil and gas production processes, usually carried out for maintenance purposes.
  • Pipeline Services
    • These include the design, construction, inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Facility Maintenance
    • Facility maintenance is essential to ensure that production facilities are running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Oilfield Equipment Rental
    • This is the option to rent the necessary equipment for their operations.
  • Refinery Maintenance
    • Refineries must be maintained to ensure the smooth operation.
  • Turnaround Services
    • Helps companies ensure that their equipment is optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Helix Oilfield is a Canadian oilfield services company providing innovative solutions for the pipelines, plants and facilities of Alberta’s oilfield industry. We proudly serve the areas of: Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Lac La Biche, Conklin in Alberta’s Lakeland; also Lloydminster, Ft. McMurray, Wabasca, and much of Northern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Saskatchewan.