Welcome To Helix Oilfield

Helix Oilfield provides specialized oilfield services including metal stress relieving, pre and post weld heat treatment(PWHT), bakeouts, cold pipe cutting, beveling, hydrotesting & isolation, hydraulic bolt torquing, tensioning, cold taps, pipe coring, and on site machining. Located in Bonnyville, Alberta, we provide services to the oilfield industry in Northeast Alberta including Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Lac La Biche, Conklin and the entire Lakeland area. We also provide oilfield services to pipelines, plants and facilities in Northern and Southwestern Saskatchewan.

Cutting edge, top of the line equipment


Our technical services help keep our client’s pipelines, plants, and facilities functioning and operating at optimal capacity. Helix Oilfield can help you reduce downtime and other operational costs to keep your facilities running smooth and profitable.

We apply only the latest cutting edge, top of the line equipment. Our tools are the best in the industry including:

  •  Custom hydrotest plugs with double seals
  •  Nut splitters
  •  24 zone stress units
  •  Split frame cold cutters for any diameter
  •  Tensioners and hydraulic bolt up gear for any size of stud or nut
  •  Cold tapping and refacing equipment

Innovative Solutions

In today’s constantly changing economic climate, Helix Oilfield stands apart from the crowd by providing innovative solutions and competent staff in any situation our clients may encounter. We have yet to find the limit of our problem solving ability. We specialize in solving problems our competition cannot. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it or we’ll make it. Next time you have a custom application that requires a professional, prompt solution, Helix Oilfield will perform.


5805-54 Ave 
Bonnyville, AB ​
T9N 0C4

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6721
Bonnyville, AB
T9N 2H2


P.O. Box 21008
Lloydminster, AB
T9N 2S1

Helix Oilfield is a Canadian oilfield services company providing innovative solutions for the pipelines, plants and facilities of Alberta’s oilfield industry. We proudly serve the areas of: Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Lac La Biche, Conklin in Alberta’s Lakeland; also Lloydminster, Ft. McMurray, Wabasca, and much of Northern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Saskatchewan.