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Heat Treating

Pre-Heating and Post Weld Heat Treating(PWHT), Metal Stress Relieving and Bakeouts

Our heat treating process, can relieve stress on your weld by heating it to a predetermined temperature before welding. By pre-heating your metal, it does not react to the stress of the rapid temperature change that occurs during welding. After the weld, the same can occur. By applying post weld heat treating, the metal once again is less likely to react as temperature change is not so rapid, leading to a more successful weld.

Helix Oilfield Field Heat Treating technicians are experts at providing the right amount of heat to complete the job quickly and, above all, safely.

  • Pre-Heating or Pre-Weld Heat Treating
  • Stress Relieving or Post-Weld Heat Treating
  • Bake Outs

Heat Treatment
We specialize in our pre-weld heat treating and post-weld heat treatments. In order to comply with industry weld procedures, we use ceramic heating pads to heat welds and welding surfaces.

Metal Stress Relieving Units
Units are available from 2 zone to 24 zone portable self contained preheat and post weld stress relief units.

Quiet Operation
We excel at quiet operation. To save you the headache, we run the quietest gensets on the market such as the ultra silent Wisperwatt 18 zone genset.

Our pre-weld hydrogen bake-outs or similar process are considered necessary to eliminate the hydrogen from steel subject to uptake of diffusible hydrogen during previous service.

Accurate Readings
Accurate recording of our preheat and post weld treatment provides easily deciphered engineer required charts.

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